Rules One and Two

Readability Index: Readable

1. While writing a post I will not look anything up online. I either have to remember a reference or look it up in a book if I’m really desperate.

2. I will denote which posts are meant to be read as a courtesy to any interested readers. How I’m going to do this…I was trying to do it with categories but I just looked at my blog and the categories aren’t super obvious, so some hapless bastard could end up five minutes in to some meaningless diatribe and never see that it wasn’t meant to be read by the unprepared. So I’ll have to put it in the title. I don’t want to fuck with the title though, they look so cool and I don’t want to crowd them up. Ok the first line of each post will estimate readability. I’d like to have a system, like green means read, orange means shit I don’t know, and red means only if you have thirty minutes to kill. But of course then you’d have to know the system to benefit and the real benefit is aimed toward the uninitiated. I really wanted to use the word uninitiated somewhere in this post. Nailed it.

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