Today Took a Long Time

Readability Index: Unreadable

I am tired. I’m seriously about to fall asleep. I could if I wanted to. I just took a shower. There were so many things I wanted to write about all day, but I could not.

I didn’t get out of work until after four and then I had to pick up my girlfriend and go grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is the worst. And then I…well I forgot what I was going to say next because GF started talking and talking and talking and now…

Like I said I can feel my eyes closing. I remember not too long ago when I would be writing and then I would fall asleep.

When I got home I had to make dinner because GF had eaten all this meat at school and didn’t want anything, even though I had planned to make hamburgers, perfect timing there.

I felt so inspired to write, too, earlier today. Not now, not now it is all gone.

My fingers are like lead on these keys. My eyes are like lead on these cheeks.

Well, at least I have tomorrow morning before I go to work. Three hours or something like that.

I guess I’ll run through what happened today just for the sake of recording that shit like a ship’s log.

Had my biggest lunch so far with mad cocktails and crazy custies all over the bar.

Tried to use a band aid to keep citrus juice out of my cut that won’t heal, fell off and shit got burned into that shit all day.

Met Dan and Martha of Pretty Things Brewery, did a tasting with them. Wrote a note in my book to write about the experience later. Don’t feel like it at all. It says “Art as transient as life.” It’s sitting on the bar in the restaurant because I forgot it there.

Was suppose to do the grocery list and make the dinner tonight, which I never do, but GF made other plans without telling me. Was pissed she had to wait in the rain for me to show up.

Didn’t eat anything because was rushing around trying to pick her up.

Oh fuck. This is the boringest post ever.

Boring boring boring.

Enough of this bullshit.

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