The First Ride

Well it’s 2:00 in the morning and I have to get out of here quick before GF hears me typing and can’t sleep before she has to be at work tomorrow at 5 AM and the blizzard of the century is on it’s way.

But I wanted to get some things in to write about tomorrow, so I can remember them.

Buying the helmet…45 dollars…son of a bitch.

Bike parking lot…didn’t know that was there….sweet!

Leaving clothes at work…awesome.

Family meal = shit.

Tired…then fine…then do you want to go out for a beer? Biking there together.

Biking home…own the roads…no one around…using muscles I don’t ever use.

Aunt Dot Gloves.

The Druid…guy with Appalachian Trail hair…crazy music…coworkers still there.

Regulars trying to stay late…demanding customers…ego…waving arms when you know what they want but are doing something just wait one fucking minute!

People dancing at the Druid…terrible.

Coworker = Kurt Cobain?

Biking = Awesome.

Dude came in and stood next to other coworker…masturbating?

Putting bike downstairs.

Ok I guess I’m going to take a shower and go to bed now. See you in the morning.

2 thoughts on “The First Ride

    • I will get to it…I think. It’s a relatively disappointing story when you put it like that. It’s only that he usually looks like an extra on the movie “The Patriot” but the other day he let his hair down and he looked just like Kurt Cobain. I could draw it out with a description and add in the fact that we always refer to him as “The Dude” because of the way he acts, but anyway that’s the whole story right there. He looks like Kurt Cobain when his hair isn’t in a pony tail. It would be way better if Kurt Cobain was hiding out at the restaurant as a bartender.

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