Tom and Jane Have a Bad Day

Tom and Jane loved to float along in their boat. They kept it at the sea shore where they collected small pieces of plastic that they found particularly interesting.

One day they went to the shore to find that their boat was gone. They looked out at the sea with their hands shielding their eyes and felt collectively desolate.

They could see their boat and a man’s silhouette against the rising sun.

The police showed up in a few minutes and started asking questions.

They were all in a huff as they asked, “Did you see a killer come through here?”

“Not before you showed up,” said Tom.

“No,” said Jane.

The police gasped as they saw the boat on the horizon. “Say, isn’t that your boat?”

“Yes,” said Jane.

“Say,” said Tom.

“Damn it, Tom and Jane, don’t leave your toys out for murderers to escape in.”

“Ok,” said Jane.

Tom picked up half of a Fisher-Price basketball hoop that had washed up the night before. “I didn’t do it.”

The police cursed the wind and walked away.

Tom and Jane didn’t know what to do, so they went home and ate carrots.

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