Brief Recap

Holy Christ it’s snowing again. I’ve never seen so much snow. I mean compared to Canada and Minnesota it’s nothing but I think it’s come down and then cleared away and then come down again like four times. I’m used to one big snow a year if that. This shit is crazy. Walking through the snow is a real work out too. I went all the way from GF’s bus stop to the Faneuil Square Library to get a pass for GF so I think I should get some kind of medal.

And now I’m going to work where no one will be because of all the god damned snow. I swear come spring time I better be making some real money! Of course I can’t really complain about the money I make, there’s a lot of it, there are just more debts than money.

It’s funny how just a couple years ago I would have been delighted at the thought of making what I do now on slow days, but now I’m like WTF.

I just finished reading Proust and the Squid and the beginning was way better than the middle and the end. It got really technical and stuff and I guess I was just looking for something more philosophical. Now I’m going to start reading Anxious Decades, a book I stole from the University of Delaware and then had to pay like 80 dollars for. It’s about United States history in the 1900s or 1920s or something.

I’ve been watching this movie on Netflix called Caravaggio about Caravaggio. I don’t really understand it but it seems crazy. I just watch it like twenty minutes at a time.

My family has my Netflix account password and they watch so much TV that by the time I go to look on the Recently Watched page for Caravaggio, even though I just watched it the day before, I already can’t find that shit.

Anyway I don’t understand how in the movie there is a typewriter and what looks like a calculator. I’m obviously missing something, how long has that shit been around? Certainly there were no small calculators until the 1970s or something. And I think the movie takes place in like 1650. Whatever, probably some symbolism I’m supposed to understand or figure out.

Off to work now, back in the button up.

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