Ramen After Work

It’s two in the morning and it has been a helluva day. GF is not here. She is still in NYC where I came from this morning. She’ll be there until Friday or so, meaning that somehow I’ve got to have enough self discipline to go to bed and then wake up. Changing states is a bitch. I never want to go to sleep and I never want to wake up.

I got back a little while ago, around 1:50 I guess, and threw on some ramen. There wasn’t much of anything in the house, being that we were away. I made it according to the directions and poured it into a bowl and the broth got all over everything. Fuck it. I put that shit back in the pot and boiled all the broth away. Now I’m letting it sit there until it gets cold. And then I’ll eat it. That’s how I do ramen.

I really just want to stay up and write and read and shit, but I guess I’d better go to sleep now since I have to be back at work at ten. This morning I caught a bus out of NYC around 8. I had to get up at 6:30 to leave Greenpoint in the rain. Then the bus was late and I had to take another bus to get home and put my uniform on before turning around and leaving the same way. Once I got to work, Coworker had nothing set up and we struggled through a super intense day and the waves of crusties never stopped. Until around 11.

Big money, but I’m going to pay for it tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Ramen After Work

  1. Thanks for all the reading and liking you did today over at the matticus kingdom! Glad you found so many things to enjoy. How’s life in your section of the blogospere? You must be busy, busy, busy…

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