Four Years of WordPress

The inner censor has really gained control these last few weeks. With my little notebook I sit somewhere and try to make sense of the thoughts in my head and only write down that little bit of sense. It’s easier on the wrist, that’s for sure. Even now I’m thinking of going back and erasing “thoughts in my head” since that’s kind of redundant. Where else are the thoughts going to be? Also, strange that we experience all our feelings physical and emotional in our brain but assign it to different parts of our body. My hands don’t really feel the keys, but I associate the feeling generated in my brain with my hands so that it seems to me that I really do feel with my hands.

Today I got an award from WordPress: happy anniversary! I was like WTF? It appears I’ve had a WordPress account for four years. FOUR YEARS. I can’t imagine what would be going on in life if i had just posted once a day for four years. Probably nothing much different I suppose.

It’s funny that the WordPress spellcheck does not recognize the word WordPress.

I think I have too high expectations of each day. I always feel like I should be the best at everything, but really I’m not ready to put in that work, or that’s what I tell myself, when really I work harder than most people, just not as hard as some people, and that’s what kills me I guess.

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