Strangely Bejeweled Horses

Last night I had a lot of dreams. I’m sure it had to do with that bad mixture.

I dreamed that my dad was taking me to this beautiful place where his friend worked. And we got there and he was like, “Oh forgot to mention there’s a huge alligator here that ate this woman who was in a boat just like this one. It probably won’t go for us. Of course that’s probably what that woman said right before the alligator ate her.”

And we saw the alligator and the beautiful scenery and the chomped up boat was near the shore next to a playground. I thought sure the alligator was going to eat us. I steered the boat to shore and we had to scramble up the broken canoe to get to shore, and my dad was out quickly without a care in the world, and I could feel the alligator coming for me as I crawled up the wreck, and I was still out, and I had that dream sensation that I could not move quickly, and I put my hands on the shore which had suddenly taken on the properties of a swimming pool and I pushed with all my might to get out of that water.

And then we were in the house and we had the alligator inside the house. I was thinking about the death roll that alligators do, or is that crocodiles? It didn’t matter at the time. I thought about why I was afraid of the alligator. Was I so scared to die? Or of the pain?

Anyway there was an alligator in the house and I got a baseball bat, the one that I keep next to my bed, and I was going to hand it to my dad and go take a shower, when I heard the door knob rattle. And the alligator was right in front of the door, staring at it like a dog, and it opened and the alligator growled like a dog. I ran over with the bat and again I felt the dreamy sensation that I couldn’t move my limbs. The alligator lunged for me like a dog, hopping up and snapping it’s teeth. It grew smaller and I watched it jumping up to bite me and I tried to maneuver the bat to beat it down. I finally got a good shot in and hit it right on the head. But nothing was accomplished by it and I woke up scared.

I went to the bathroom and in the dark I imagined a pair of yellow eyes. I realized that I’m scared of animals getting in the house and eating me. I know all animals would eat me if they got the chance. I thought maybe there would be python in the toilet or a wolf in the dining room or some such thing.

I went back to bed uneasily and dreamed about squirrels evolving into strangely bejeweled horses.

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