The First Twenty Minutes

Sometimes I wake up with a plan or an idea of what I want to do with the first twenty minutes of my day and it’s usually writing and somehow that shit always goes awry. Like today I got on the computer and my email says that it can’t connect with my server or something because the password’s wrong so I figure somebody has hacked into my account so I spend fifteen minutes fixing that and then I can’t remember if it’s my mom’s birthday so I have to ask my dad (terrible I know but I was pretty sure it was and it was so close enough) and then I finally start to write something and then GF is yelling at me “Can you hear me!” no I can’t! What are you saying! Then I have to go over there and then I miss the whole song I put on to play while I was writing because I was just going to write while she was in the shower but that’s over now.

Oh well. Fuck it.

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