Some Shit About Calories

I’m beginning to think I weigh too little. I get hungry at work all the time and my blood sugar is crazy, like I’ll start shaking and shit, and anyway I can’t eat shit for twelve hours straight while running around making drinks, so maybe that kind of shit would happen to anyone in that situation. But I used to weigh about 165 and I have been under 160 for months now and I never really thought about it. I’ve been trying to find a way to consume calories at work like with meal replacement drinks or something but it’s all expensive and so far ineffective. I just bought a bunch of Clif bars and some Naked juices so we’ll see how today goes.

Yesterday I bought a grapefruit and made palomas, a cocktail that’s basically a margarita with grapefruit juice. Today it’s back to work after two days off. GF went to work super early and I didn’t go back to sleep. Just read some of The Brothers Karamazov which I randomly had next to my bed and then got up and ate some toast. I’ll probably eat three more breakfasts before I leave and then maybe stop at McDonald’s for more breakfast and see how that feels. It can’t feel much worse than usual so fuck it.

3 thoughts on “Some Shit About Calories

  1. Ouch. I hope your McD’s breakfast was better than the last one I got from there. I used to love their Sausage Muffin (w/cheese) but after several years of not eating there regularly I’ve tried to eat it a couple times recently and it just doesn’t sit well.
    For backpacking in the summer we use Carnation Instant Breakfast (basically powder disolved in water but at home you could do it in milk). It has a ton of calories, and should be a cheap way for you to get in some extra to help you through your day. The Clif bars are also a good idea – but they can get kind of pricey. My wife has found some good recipes online for making granola bars at home… you can pick up all the random ingrediants you need from Trader Joes or any other place like that.

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