Damn Near Forgot How to Create a New Post

Good christ what a year. I’m tempted to leave it at that. I know why I used to write so much, it’s the font on here. What the hell is this anyway. It’s beautiful.

Well, bitches, I got fired. Now I’m living in New York. I’m moving to Bedford-Stuyvesant in a couple of weeks. Yes that’s the kind of guy I am. Time to eat donuts and carry a baby around on my back.

I watch House, MD now. We all do down here. When you’re down here, you’ll watch, too. It’s hot as a bitch in this room. I haven’t done dishes in weeks. Not real dishes. Not the kind that sit there staring at you while you dread leaving for work. I haven’t dreaded leaving for work because I dread being at home. If you haven’t guessed at this point, I’m living with the in-laws.

Well that about reveals my identity for anyone who knows me. Fuck it. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and a motherfucker is too damn old and tired to keep secrets so vigilantly.

I feel like I’m at least thirty. I’m only 28. I don’t understand it. Every year I feel two years older, so it feels like I get a year younger every birthday.

I never thought I’d watch a doctor show. I remember my parents used to watch Chicago Hope and E.R.

I couldn’t finish this post last night before I had to watch more TV so now it’s morning. I’m going for a run. I work out now.

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