New Site Design AKA I Don’t Know How to Put Images On My Blog

Well shit I tried to just add a button on the side to raise awareness about Rarasaur’s predicament but I couldn’t figure that shit out so I just changed the whole goddamn site. Fuck it.

Anyway I don’t have a god damned dime to give them mofuckers. You know she tried to raise some money and eighteen hours in she had raised ten dollars. Man that’s some tragic shit. God damn. I’m going to give them some money. I was like, shit, you know, them bitches need love and support, I’m going to write them a letter. Them bitches got mad love and support as far as I can see, I wonder if they got any money yet. Shit. I’m going to give them bitches some money.

But not right now god damn it. But so far I’m not the worst person in the world because at least I came back in this bitch and tried to raise some awareness. Alright alright I am the worst person in the world, but so are you.

Anyway, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing on here because I had to pick the wife up from the subway station and ran my ass out there and was drunk off a homemade cocktail and half a beer and now she is brushing her hair and heating up Chinese food and I have to get the hell out of here.

But I had a lot to say you know. Shit. Now none of it’s going to get said.

Anyway, fuck, at least I got something done on this mother fucker.

But anyway fuck it.

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