Today I Waited on the CEO of SquareSpace. Goodnight.

Man I don’t know what the fuck to even write about. Today I went to work and thought i was going to die of boredom and nothingness all the way there. It was daylight savings time today so we set the clocks back, but I didn’t set my watch back, so for thirty minutes I thought I was running out of time, and then I saw that I wasn’t, and I gained an hour. That was a good feeling but then I started working on this project and it felt like I was getting nowhere.

Then I got to work and it was fine, whatever, but I eventually felt better.

Woo there’s some dramatic tension for you right there. What else? Nothing else. I waited on the CEO of Squarespace today. I only know about him because of Ira Glass.

Cold as a bitch around here.

Man I have nothing at all to say, but it’s been a few days since my last post so I figured I’d better throw some shit on the fire.

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