Ping Backed Arm Chair

Some people say “don’t edit yourself while you write. You lose all the creativity blah blah whatever the fuck some people say.” But when I do that shit this is what I end up with. Some scattered witty remarks and a bunch of curse words. But when I go slow and try to think about what I write, I write shit like that one post a while ago about walking in Central Park. I thought that was pretty good.

So today I tried to post a response to the Daily Prompt really fast, so I could be in the top of the list so people would come look at this shit. I don’t know what happened because I did the same thing I did yesterday except I posted from my phone, so I guess something went wrong with the ping back because I guess the shit was in html or something. Sucks because somehow I woke up just as that daily prompt got posted. So there were only three responses by the time I tried to respond to that shit. But then my shit never got posted and no one looked at this mother fucker at all. Somehow I got like five follows though. I can’t figure this shit out.

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