Things Come to Those Who Wait and Those Who Don’t

Waiting Room

Do I believe that good things come to those who wait? I think that things come to everyone and if you are waiting around for something then you’ll just ignore all the other stuff until you get what you’re waiting on and then you’ll say oh that was because I was waiting for it. Besides it probably won’t be what you originally wanted, but you’ll tell yourself that it is or even that it’s better than what you wanted and that will be basically just a result of you being tired of waiting and finally realizing that you didn’t even need that thing to begin with.

I think you should have no expectations of getting anything. I think it’s a very sane way to live. That way if you wake up in the morning you’re surprised as shit and if you wake up dead you’re similarly surprised and you’ll never have to go to the dentist because you won’t expect them to be in business past the next minute or so.

That’s just me though. Not everyone can be so rational. Some people sit around waiting for things or going out and getting things. Hell I don’t even know who originally said this or why they were thinking it. You know they probably said it to some kid so he’d stop pestering them. That kid eventually figured it out, too. Probably was a hundred and five and said, fuck, well, I guess I better rationalize my life by saying that after all it was pretty good times waiting around for whatever it was that I wanted back then.

5 thoughts on “Things Come to Those Who Wait and Those Who Don’t

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