All Night Ain’t Night Enough

For some people, Alice in Chains’ MTV Unplugged Album was the best of all. The best MTV unplugged album and for some people, the best album of all time. I don’t know anybody in the former camp, but I suppose they exist.

I am listening to it in it’s entirety now for the first time.

I am sitting at my home-assembled Ikea table and drinking a homemade Americano cocktail.

That’s right, I am putting links in my post again. This blog is about to get real fucking interactive.

This album is hot. I know you probably wouldn’t think it, but I’m already halfway through. It took me an inordinate amount of time to find a decent site to link to for the Americano recipe.

But that doesn’t matter because I took my watch off and Wife is working all night tonight at the bakery. So I’ve really only got another four and a half hours until she gets off. Damn it.

Well that went to shit fast. First I was like, hell yeah I’ve got all night. And then I realized, shit I don’t really have all night, it’s already one thirty in the god damn morning.

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