A Paragraph About Books In Between Two Paragraphs About Nothing

I started reading Sense and Sensibility since it’s free on the iBooks store and I can’t always be carrying around that paper book. Or reading it late at night with no light on. I don’t have a lamp in here so if I want to read late at night I have to use the phone.

The Murakami book is going okay, but not as awesome as I thought it would. It reminds me of Gary Shteyngart’s novels probably because it’s in the first person and he’s talking about what kind of girl he finds attractive. I think coming from the classics and then reading contemporary stuff you really notice the increased attention paid to the self. The first person p.o.v. is really jarring after Hugo’s third person omniscient. In comparison, the transition to Austen’s more stylized but still omniscient narration in Sense and Sensibility has been smooth and I’m much more drawn to continue reading. But I have to finish this damnable text so I can get it back to its owner.

Now that I’m reading more I don’t feel like writing. And I’m getting so much more done around the house. Logistics stuff that is still important, like signing up for health care. And going to the gym. But I want to want to write…or maybe not. Maybe there’s still time to go to law school and become an executive assistant to a mid level hedge fund manager where I get paid 70k a year to sort mail and answer the telephone.

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