Done Wif It

Hey ya’ll I think I am done with drinking, heavily that is. I may have to wait some more to be sure, because right now I don’t even like beer that much, which is crazy because a couple days ago I couldn’t be happy eating unless I was also having a beer. Today I decided that my good mood/feeling of detachment that I experienced two weeks ago did not in fact have to do with alcohol. So based on that I decided to have a whiskey on the rocks. I only drank half of it! I’ve never returned liquor before, and I would never have believed I would not finish a drink for which I had already paid.

There is still a good chance it will pass, but for now, just saying, I might not be an alcoholic after all.

What will I give up on next? I was hesitant to post this because it’s kind of inane and boring, but then I thought, what am I blogging for if not to keep track of how I felt from day to day? So I wanted to record the fact that I thought on this day that I might be out of love with drinking. Gives me chills just writing that. Chills is an exaggeration of the feeling I just had, but it’s in that family.

I was hanging out with some professors today, old guys, and I was thinking shit I should be a professor. I was looking over these notes I took on a talk by David Brooks, author of The Social Animal and longtime New York Times columnist, and I read that he had said we learn from people we love, and that it’s all about the relationship between student and teacher, and I was thinking that reminded me of what I was saying about maybe you can only really learn things from people you like.

Alright well. Good fucking night, and I mean that in the most literal sense.

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