Homoerotic Muscle Lengthening

Have you ever seen a big man do yoga sans irony or skill? Jorge says it’s important to stretch before we get in the steel box with wheels. This afternoon were headed to the bario.

I haven’t done yoga for a couple of months, and haven’t done it regularly for maybe a year or more. My body has really been aching, especially my back. And I think I have a glass heel. And my elbow hurts because of basketball. Some people can shoot all day and their elbows never get sore. Maybe I am shooting wrong.

I think I will try yoga again. Good for the soul, too, right? I wish I knew kung fu. 

7 thoughts on “Homoerotic Muscle Lengthening

  1. Yoga is good for the body. I’m too much of an antsy thinker to actually meditate. I get bored easily. But yoga has saved me from having most aches and pains, meaning age is only how old you feel. Plus, it keeps you flexible, especially when it counts. ; )

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