Blue Eyed Soul, Father’s Dead

It’s been a few days since I been out the house. But now I have to go to work.

I’m so hungry I’m shaking. All I’m eating is cereal.

The trees look nice outside. If I got a tattoo, I would get one of a tree.

You ever heard this song? It’s good. Da da da. Da da duh. You’ll love it.

9 thoughts on “Blue Eyed Soul, Father’s Dead

  1. Oi it’s been ages since I’ve heard from you! Zach left a story for us to look over. I found mine but it’s not done yet. You?… What are you drinking all day or somethin’? Bloody hell open your laptop clunker PC phone whatever it is you cavemen use… If you weren’t such a bloody good writer and a nutter…(mumbles)

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