I’ll need a few posts to get back in the rhythm of this thing, but I’m trying to post every day. At least for a week. Then we’ll see what’s up.

I’m in that same park where I saw those squirrels and that pigeon. Some people say it’s not a park, but it says park right on the gate. Some people call it a gated area. 

But Jesus Christ it’s loud as fuck in here how can I get anything done? I should have brought my goddamn headphones. I should always bring my goddamn headphones, what was I thinking?

Work is right across the street. I’m on a double again. I’m always on a double. Morning and night, son of a bitch.

Now a mother fucker from work just sent me a text asking me to get him a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Can you believe that shit? Who’s even eating peanut butter cups around here?

This mother fucker, that’s who. He’s always eating candy. He’s a candy eating mother fucker if I ever seen one and I have seen one. It’s him.

God damn it, crazy ass mother fuckers around here asking for too much. All I’m trying to do is sit down in a noisy ass gated area with pigeons and shit and write a goddamn blog post.

Can’t even do it though. It’s the first day in New York City this year that the temperature has reached 70 degrees Farenheit so the world is out in battalion level numbers. What does that mean? I don’t know, but it ain’t fucking civilized I’ll tell you that.

Then this mother fucker next to me pulls out his phone and starts talking into it in a voice straight from the underworld speaking some old accursed language and his voice is so low this whole goddamn bench is shaking. It’s scary as fuck to be honest. To be honest I got to go I can’t sit here no more like this. I got to go if I still can.

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