Walking in Smooth 

Nah see what I meant to say was that have you ever tried to do something and you weren’t wearing gloves and by God you should have been wearing gloves hadn’t you? My finger is fucked up right now. Looks like a hole in it goes straight to yellow hell. Got some old Loreal commercial desert lines in it.

Man have you ever been waiting for the train and you were listening or rather you were half listening for the alarm sound that goes off and is obnoxious as hell most of the time but this one time you didn’t hear it? Things were going well. I was doing all the things that I told myself I would do and then suddenly I realized I hadn’t heard the alarm. I watched the train leave from an impossible height and it was gone and I was already down there watching it go. I was down there with the rats. I leaned against the post and tried to remember how I survived those MRIs I did for money. I remembered how I breathed and how I pretended I was doing yoga. I did that and I waited for the next train to come, even though I knew it was never, ever going to come.

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