Housekeeping / New Petition Plan / Old Man Clam Jam

I don’t got much time and I don’t got much to say today but I do need to know: is the font on this blog annoying as fuck? I love it but I wear two pairs of glasses at all times so my visual accuity is off the charts. Y’all got to let me know because I’d hate to make it even more difficult than it already is for people to really appreciate this fantastic blog.

Next thing is how come y’all not signing this goddamned petition I created? You know how much time I spent on this? I think I know why you don’t want to sign it, and I understand. I created a false identity in order to set up an iPetitions account because I didn’t want the government to put me on its list of subversives. Only the babe is crazy enough to sign her real name to something like that.

New plan: comment on this post if you want Tony Single to make a new crumbcast.

What else then? Nothing.

Oh but for my readers in Saskatchewan if you do happen to see a tall, arrogant old man with a white beard and a mischevious glint in the eyes, that black jacket he’s wearing is not fucking Armani I don’t care what he says. Don’t be fooled.

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