Still Counts

The third story about some crazy girls who don’t like to talk too much is finally here. I pushed publish at 11:59 PM, I swear.

In other news, I am DRUNK. Drinking bourbon out of a handmade clay cup and listening to Kid Cudi.


hijacked amygdala

Carmen’s hair was spread out on the concrete next to the pool.

It was Tuesday morning, very early, and they were at Kelsey’s parents’ house in the Catskills.

Carmen laughed as she had been doing.

Emma sat next to her wearing only Carmen’s thick cardigan; her naked legs were in the pool.

“I can’t believe that shit about Candice,” said Carmen. “I still can’t. I won’t.” Carmen pointed up towards the sky.

“I’m getting in the pool,” said Trevor. “One of you ladies should join me.”

Trevor was tall and looked too young to drink.

“Quiet,” said Carmen. “Go put on that song I like.”

“What song?” asked Trevor.

Carmen looked at Emma. “Fine,” she said, “more vodka. How did you get here anyway?”

Trevor laughed. “You’re drunk! I came here with…”

“Vodka!” shouted Carmen. To Emma she said, “Who is that guy?”

Emma smiled and looked out over the…

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