A Fallen Hush

I have a problem with writing now and cannot do it. I am unable to do things. I will finish the story about the girls that I am writing for Hijacked Amygdala. I will not finish that story today. I will not do anything today but I will pretend that I did things today. I am incapicitated. Total inertia! Who is your favorite writer? What would happen if…

The problem is that I am having a problem with writing now and cannot do it and would you call back later, thank you for understanding. I will be there on the third, maybe I will be there on the third, in a carraige drawn by the black waddling ducks of Riverdell. You will look for me, won’t you? Do look for me then. It’s not a small thing to come and see you, when what I want is green curtains blocking green trees and waking up every nine minutes with another horrible, horrible.

Good. For me it’s ok.

2 thoughts on “A Fallen Hush

  1. What you need is an ice cream cone. Ice cream cones solve everything. Note I said just the cone. No actual ice cream. Ice cream is bad because sugar. Sugar is the new cancer. Cone is the new cardboard, and cardboard is totally bland and therefore safe. Write some more please. Even if it’s just a shopping list and all that’s on the shopping list is cones sans ice cream. Please. With sugar on. Oh. Wait.

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