Alone and Drunk, Only…Outside

It doesn’t warrant explanation, the way I ended up slightly drunk at or around 9:45 PM on the night of tonight at the restaurant. I was supposed to go out after work with a coworker, and I never do that. It was a special occasion. She is leaving.

So I planned and planned it for a week, but today it rained and she ate too much candy and could not go out.

I find myself in Bowery Station, holding my knees, having just so narrowly so narrowly avoided… that thing that happens when you are slightly drunk in a permissive place, a warm place. But I would tell you about that. Only not tonight. There is only so much time before I need to walk through the projects and get myself home. 

Perhaps you should know something about it, it is too deep a rabbit hole.

For reasons you shouldn’t care about I was both happy and sad, holding my knees, telling a man in a tunic that the train would come.

I got on the train and I see an advertisement for NYC Well, which advertisement asserts that I can call 24/7, toll free to talk about stress, depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse. I think about it. I’ve never thought about it before.

I opened WordPress but on my phone, my phone was still in email. And the first email tells me that my free ride from Lyft is about to expire. How perfect. Nothing a drunk lower middle class man likes better. 

Than a free taxi home after a night. 

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