Slipper Plan

Hey y’all I hope the weather is nice where ever you are.

I’ve got a new plan. It has to do with slippers. I’m still putting it together. It could be a while.

You know how everyone talks about flow? You enter a state of flow and the time just flies by and they also say the more time you spend in a state of flow the happier you are in general. That’s what I’ve heard.

Every time that starts to happen to me I stop and walk around the house and think of something more boring to do so that my life doesn’t fly by.

I think it has something to do with guilt.

6 thoughts on “Slipper Plan

  1. For me, when the state of flow begins I think “wow, I’ve entered the state of flow!” but then as soon as I acknowledge said flow, the flow immediately ceases to, erm, flow. So maybe the trick is to ignore the flow and pretend it isn’t happening and just go with the… flow.

    ‘Flow’ no longer looks or sounds like a real word.

    But I hope you share the great Slipper Plan with us when it comes to fruition. X

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