Checklist for Existence

I’ve tried to come up with, implement, and stick to a set of procedures in order to optimize my time and actions to achieve a perfect existence. I’ve looked back on my life and created a narrative. I’ve seen how the pieces fit, how each decision led me to the next decision, and how that single chain has led me to the present moment.

How disgusting are procedures when applied to the living of a life; how laughably insufficient is hindsight to explain even a single journey.

I’ve been searching for answers and hoping I could share them with others, but in this life, brief as autumn grass, no two paths are the same.

6 thoughts on “Checklist for Existence

  1. it is difficult to subject life to some procedures. but we are creatures of habit and habits can be influenced. I was never able to set a process for living and follow it so I changed it to a perspective of continuously evolving, if little by little, towards better. never perfect

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