Doctors Are in Customer Service, Too.

I’m thirty years old now and I’ve never learned how to market myself. The idea of it nauseates me completely. But can I really avoid it? My whole life? Can I be poor forever?

Maybe if I was alone, I could. But with a wife and maybe a kid, well the sticking to your principles no matter the cost thing just isn’t as attractive. I’m thinking of just pretending to be someone else for a while. Someone marketable and packaged in cellophane like.

Just for a time you understand.

Great work is meaningless if no one ever hears about it. Genius needs an audience, you know, Benedict Cumberbatch said that. How to get an audience? Well maybe you should get the genius part figured out first. But then again maybe not. Maybe the genius part isn’t important at all. Maybe if you marketed yourself well, you would have time to be a genius later; while if you became a genius first, you might never have time to learn how to let people know that you were and maybe no one would ever hear of you anyway.

Anyway I don’t really care, all I want is a nice house in Mexico and for customers to leave me alone. I asked my friend if he thought he could be a doctor. He said he didn’t know, and anyway it was basically a high-paying customer service job where all your customers are sick and dying.

Customer service sucks. Every year you spend in customer service you become more assured that the world is a cruel place full of assholes. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, power corrupts, and even a small amount of power can make someone look like an asshole.

Maybe if I wrote in a coherent way, I would have more success in communicating my ideas.

12 thoughts on “Doctors Are in Customer Service, Too.

  1. Here goes.
    When pancake came out, the media didn’t like it. They said Tori had lost it. Making random meaningless lyrics about pancakes. Just to look zany. Of course it wasn’t about pancakes. I’m not sure anyone really knows except her. That’s part of the attraction. Neil Young even sang it on stage with her too. So fuck popularity and coherence. It’s overrated.

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