Milestones Aren’t Literal Rocks, Steven Covey

A huge tree limb lying on the sidewalk.

This tree branch is fucked up.

There’s this thing where eventually you quit everything. I’m about to quit posting every day. I have good ideas, somewhere, but I can’t get to them because I’m forced to spend five minutes just typing random shit on here.

Five minutes is not really five minutes, though, of course, because how do I write a blog post? I read my most recent posts, I read other people’s posts, I check my stats from every conceivable angle, and by that point it’s time to use the bathroom.

I’m into productivity entertainment, so I often read self-help books in general and organizational books especially and people are always telling you to do the Pomodoro technique, which is working flat out for twenty-five minutes and then resting, and then seeing how many of those you can do a day, and, maddeningly, these things are referred to, unironically, as pomodoros; the semi-colon here means that I have license to do whatever the fuck I want with this sentence since no one knows what a semi-colon actually does, and so on, or some other technique like perhaps the one thing a day technique espoused by minimalists and their hangers-on where you find something that is actually important, something that, if you got it done, you would count the day a success, and you just do that thing, and the other things take care of themselves, and this is related to the days of Steven Covey when people would go around getting paid thousands of dollars to stand on a stage putting sand in a container, and then pebbles, and then large rocks and showing you that it didn’t fit and then they would reverse the order so the big rocks go in first and then the pebbles and magically the sand would just slide around that shit and it would all fit perfectly in the container and they would say, take care of the big things and the small things take care of themselves, and then finally you have some people who say don’t worry about being productive just ‘trust the process’ and all of that well, you know recently I said to myself fuck all of that.

Which is easy to do, people say fuck it all of the time and we never really know what they’re talking about do we except for a general notion of fuck societal norms I’m a rebel I do what I want and shit like that generally but anyways…

Sure, do some technique why not, it’s got to be more effective than long periods of gearing yourself up for something followed by hasty run on sentences.

But guess what, post for the day? Done. I’m out of here. Thanks for reading my blog!

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