It Doesn’t Matter 

This is a picture of some colorful graffiti on the Manhattan Bridge

Look at this shit

Yeah so anyways. At work now. On break. Supposed to be a reallll bitch tonight. Why doesn’t that sound new? Because it’s always supposed to be like that. Spent all morning making a birthday card for my friend and bought him coffee beans. Turns out he took the day off for his birthday. People called out and it’s a skeleton crew. Not interesting not interesting. Boring bullshit. People are going to have fun if they want to have fun and if they came to find something to complain about it’s about to be a fucking cornucopia for them bitches.

Follow this link to hijacked amygdala where people write interesting things.

4 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter 

  1. That picture reminds me of a train ride I took home from work. Chicago has its share of ‘tags’. These two little kids kept saying graffiti and repeating it. Once out of the city, they asked, “Momma, where’s the graffiti?” Some of it is art. I hope your night doesn’t suck.

  2. That graffiti has some colour coordination issues…and as I’m assuming bm is short for bowel movement, that’s probably why they didn’t consider the colors…too preoccupied with poop. And with that thought, enjoy your shift!

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