The Difference Between Me and Kim Kardashian

Here is an urban setting with a building and a NY lotto advertisement that claims to make New Yorkers rich.

That Wall Street game tho

I’m getting really good at typing shit on my phone. It is an ideal writing method because I can write anywhere and, unlike with a laptop, I can hold the phone so that people can’t read what I’m writing.

I want everyone to read what I’ve written, but unlike Sal Paradise, I don’t want anyone to watch what I’m writing.

I can’t write when people might be watching because I always play to the audience. Any audience will do. I change everything from my voice and cadence to my opinions. Why? The simplest answer may be true, and that answer is that I’m seeking approval all the time. There may be a deeper answer.

But let’s not delve at this time.

People say that everyone is basically the same, that we focus on what makes us different from one another, but the sum of those differences is very minute compared to what makes us the same.

Who knows.

I like to think that I am special, even if it means that what makes me special is that I am the biggest attention whore the world has ever seen. The difference between me and Kim Kardashian is motivation, body measurements, and pretty much a lot of things but if I wasn’t lazy and was smarter and beautiful I would do what Kim Kardashian is doing. I want everyone to look at me all the time.

Well, except when I’m writing.

8 thoughts on “The Difference Between Me and Kim Kardashian

    • I’m 30, same. I think the approval thing has been and continues to be one of the biggest factors in my dissatisfaction with life. How to beat it? I’m using alcohol for the short term and betting on meditation for the long.

      • I’m with you on the boozing — then graduated to party drugs but I know that shit is unsustainable. Dreading the at-first-boring-but-then-probably-vaguely-satisfying transition to meditation or being selfless or something that I’ll have to ride out for the last 40 years of my life.

  1. Don’t hate the player, hate the (Wall $treet) game xoxo
    Also, fuck people who watch me write and can see what I’m writing. When this happens I start writing about the person who is spying on my writing and what happened to the last fool who perved on my private musings: they soon stop looking.

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