Here’s Those Giraffe Thoughts I Was Telling You About

It seems like I am missing out on my life or something like that. Look at this fucking giraffe for instance.

This picture shows a stamped kind of graffiti on the pavement depicting a giraffe riding a bicycle to hilarious effect.

Here is a giraffe.

This mother fucker does not give a fuck. She’s just seconds away from crashing into that crazy ass rat thing in front of her and she could not eternally give a fuck less about it.

That’s the kind of shit I want to do. Instead I think and think about shit constantly and then I get on WordPress and write things that I thought and hope people will like the things so that I don’t have to do anything in my actual life. Not like this fucking giraffe. You think she ever put some shit on WordPress? No fucking way. Mother fucker is like, bitch I’m a giraffe, I ride bicycles, get the fuck out of here alrrrright?

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