The Tin Wizard

A grassy part of Brooklyn

Y’all I need more real life friends, specifically a nihilist friend who won’t judge me for things or try to improve my life with advice after I tell them some fucked up shit.

Also, I need more alone time. My wife is gone for the morning, and the morning consists of about 30 minutes before I go to work, and I am accomplishing all kinds of shit that would take me pretty much an entire day off with her here. Also I get to listen to music. She hates listening to music in the morning. In fact she refuses to do it, so I never get to wake up like Will Smith in I Am Legend, which is what I want to wake up like every day.

Today she left the building and I immediately played The Wizard by Black Sabbath. It was awesome. But then right before the climax it cut out because she was playing Spotify on her phone. Then I realized that my sister-in-law was still in her room. And I was really rocking out to that song.

How can I say I need more alone time to my wife? I don’t think I will. Doesn’t sound like a good idea.

7 thoughts on “The Tin Wizard

  1. You sound perfect the way you are. In fact, you sound like me.

    As Barry White once sang, “Don’t go changin’ … to please every one else in the fucking world, just do your own thing and they’ll adjust to you (or leave you for a man more in touch with her sensitive needs).”

  2. You know it’s the way you pitch it. You don’t really want ‘alone’ time because you can’t stand her- unless you do and you definitely don’t want to break it to her like that. I suspect you want to be alone because you want to access parts of you that just don’t come out in company. Just tell her- luv, I need some time to be an idiot, so I don’t act like an idiot out in the real world. That should do it.

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