Dopamine, Texts, Likes, Approval, Money

Texting, the modern art of sending written words from one phone to another instantaneously, is a scourge.

Too bad I love it.

Just another thing popping up on your phone giving you a hit of dopamine. Makes me want to download more apps that have counters on them. Those red circles at the top left corner.

Someone else cares about me. Someone else approves.

The red circle means you’re ok, you’re better than ok.

I’m going to make a kind of spider program that sends me texts from made up people and then trolls my blogs and shit and clicks like a bunch of times. Then I can unleash it on other people and we’ll all get so high with our newfound success.

Until we try to monetize it and no one buys any of our shit. Likes won’t jump a pay wall.

Should I just get rid of all those apps? Or should I lean into them and try to become a social media sensation? Will the effort I put into becoming a social media sensation be less than the effort I could put into getting a job that would pay just as well?

Why am I obsessed with money anyways. Just going to end up hoping people will text me while I’m sitting on the beach.

7 thoughts on “Dopamine, Texts, Likes, Approval, Money

  1. Maybe these things should come with a consumer warning lable : known to be an upper but some users report side effects, including feeling disappointment or even depression.

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