When two guys are walking together and one guy is listening to his headphones near them, those two guys are friends and the other guy is an enemy. When two guys are alone and listening to their headphones and walking down the street near each other, they aren’t enemies or friends. When two guys are alone and listening to their headphones and they attempt to use their metrocards to gain access to the subway and they are both rejected by the same turnstile, they are friends. 

3 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. I remember noticing the transition to ‘everyone’s face is in their cell phone’ on campus years ago. In my school era, we had phones with phone jacks and just walked campus with book bags. I think we looked forward and around us, hoping to see a familiar face and hear or say , ‘Hi’ at least. But when the cell phones came along, students passed one another with slightly bent heads, their eyes focused down on that glossy rectangle in their hand. The world around them, the trees, the sky, the violet sunset, the birds, that squirrel over there with a nut in its paws…invisible. I felt like the landsacpe and its creature suddenly were almost exclusively MINE because I never had a cell phone. But it felt lonely.

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