Now just what the fuck is going on here?

First of all, FUCK this new WordPress editor and these fucking blocks.

Second of all, what’s up fools!

How am I still getting 30 people visiting this blog a month. What is anyone even looking at? And if you’re going to come all the way here could you at least LIKE something?

It’s a got damned pandemic out there motherfuckers.

Out here in New York City it’s a fucking riot a minute and yet the streets are quiet. They couldn’t even go through with the fucking Firework Conspiracy. If the Police are defunded you can’t even tell. The protests happened and then white people went on road trips. Uhauls everywhere.

The god damned stock market is through the roof as if we’re fucking making something out here, when we ain’t making shit. Millions of crazy ass no job having bastards are out of work and getting paid for it by Milton Friedman and Alan Greenspan.

I got out of bartending at the wrong damn time. Coulda rode straight into this thing, seen the restaurant fall to pieces, collected the UBI and wrote a fucking novel about white fragility.

I ain’t hardly drank alcohol in two fucking years and I ain’t done drugs all summer thanks to social god damned distancing.

I bought this apartment to sleep in but now I gotta live in this bitch.

And they straight sweeping shit under the rug just as fast as people can shit on the floors. These are some Mary Poppins rugs out here y’all.

Bout to have a god damned election in America between a 90 year old white guy and another 90 year old white guy. Who are these old mother fuckers? These fuckers snuck in the ageism trying to make it sound like racism. Talking bout we can’t be ageist. Fuck that shit! These old ass mother fuckers got to go. I’m pretty sure I love my grandfather but I would never listen to that dude tell me how to buy a can of tomatoes so why I’m going to tell him run for president?

Haha! Damn y’all what a world.

What a fucking shit show. And the shit is literally a show. On YouTube we got Malcolm Gladwell out here rolling his eyes about shit he should be killing people over, and Steven Pinker getting upset about it. We got Joe Rogan trolling six million people every Tuesday and Thursday. And while we doing all that, a whole bunch of employees of major news corporations still have jobs just so they can have something to play outside the fake Dunkin Donuts at all the empty ass federally subsidized airports.

Thank God in Xyrs infinite grace we still got Cornell fucking West.

These motherfuckers out here got me ready to self segregate based not on skin color, but based on I don’t want to be round y’all crazy ass weirdos no more. So what I do?

Mofucker I ain’t Jesus, I’m cashing in my privilege with the rest of these assholes and I’m moving up north to a god damned mountain. Fuck this shit y’all do what you want.

Is the Corona real? Is the Movement real? Is the America real? Is the geopolitical landscape real?

Nah man you know what’s real is this terrible ass WordPress editor. All I want to do is type some shit and maybe put a picture in and I got to use these goddamn blocks? What do I look like, Tony Single out here making a comic strip?

6 thoughts on “Now just what the fuck is going on here?

  1. So good to see you back and a veritable picnic of rage and despondency. You are not wrong about the WordPress blocks, some sadistic council somewhere knew what was up when they brewed that shit up. But you still get 30 views after 2 years AWOL? Those are some impressivly persistent person/bot entities. Checking every damned day if you’re writing again! And you gave them what they wanted….

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