I Used To Play the Drums

At work today I tried to remember how to play the drums. My brother was showing me these guys who play drums for money. I was like damn I could have done that. But I didn’t think that was an option.

So anyways I downloaded a metronome app and just made the motions of keeping a beat. I probably can’t set up my drums here in New York, but I bet I could pretty good just pretending I’m actually hitting drums.

Damn how sexy would I be then? Drummer, bartender, writer. I better start working out. 

Prelude to Something Worth Reading

I went home. I got back. I forgot to post yesterday. That’s a chink in my plan to post every day until 2018. Since I failed, I would usually give up now. So instead I’ll just post twice today and keep it going. 

I’m afraid to change things here on this blog because Gordon Flanders is a nihilist and proud of it. Me I’m tired of seeming like I’m getting away with everything.

I’m thirty years old. I’ve been living ten years as a nihilist if not in action at least in thought. My life looks okay from the outside but my thoughts are fucked up. I got secrets.

And I’m finding out how much of a follower I am, philosophically. It’s okay to be unoriginal as long as you know it. I thought being nihilistic was the way that everyone should be, because it’s the truth that nothing matters. How could anything have value in a crazy world like ours.

But it turns out I bought my worldview at the same store as everyone else.

Stick around y’all. Looks like I’ve still got some interesting posts up my sleeves.