Bad Mixture

It’s crazy but I haven’t felt like writing. I’m on a bad mixture and I’m not getting wasted. Homemade margaritas, apple pie, ice cream and milk. Ah shit my stomach hurts. What a world what a world what a world. Just got to keep moving. Supposed to go to Europe next year for three months. Don’t know how I’m going to pay for that and law school, too, and it’s kind of a shame in a way since if I do manage to save up 15 grand by then it’ll all be depleted in one shot and I’ll be right back to where I started. But even Adam Smith said savings are useless. What’s money for if you don’t spend it. It’s just a number. We’re all built to consume. Or anyway it’s just a number. I have a strong attachment to money. I don’t like budgeting and I don’t even really like spending. In a weird way I do like looking at what I owe and what bills I can pay. I mean I hate it, but I must like it in a way because I spend a lot of time doing that or thinking about it.

Anyway my stomach hurts too much to write. Thought I felt like writing.