I Took Pictures of Cats Some Days

Cats are very photogenic. That is nice for them. Or for us maybe.

I started meditating three days ago with the headspace app. A coworker recommended it to me and it was easier than the last time a coworker recommended something to me so I did it. Easier than therapy. Another coworker told me that Xanax is actually for anxiety and not depression. What is depression anyways. Or anxiety.

Goddamn right cats are endlessly photographable. Fucking ridiculous, are cats.

Yesterday on the train, going up the stairs, there was a guy playing one of those Asian instruments with the long strings, you know, and I rode up the escalator and I thought something that I just forgot because I was thinking of those instruments. Good god damn Christ I just literally did forget…

Now I remember. It wasn’t to do with cats, I was thinking that maybe I should start believing that everything happens for a reason. I should start thinking that every thing that happens to me is part of some big plot. I’ve thought that before. That’s boring.

I was going to do things. Now I’ve decided I’m not going to do anything. Fuck doing things. Fuck that. I woke up today that’s enough. I did things earlier. I used to do things. Now I’m going to do no things.

I either have a splinter under my fingernail, or I just stabbed the skin under my fingernail so much with a burnt safety pin that it feels like I do.