More Boring Shit…Sorry

I was just feeling weird on Sunday. Probably because I didn’t get my ass out the damn house. I went out a couple times today even though I had the day off. I think I love staying in the house all day but at the same time I get to guilty to do that shit. I think I might drink and watch another movie, fuck it. But instead I should make a movie or something. Can always do that shit tomorrow.

I been getting one view a day for the last five days, which is funny because I’m pretty sure these last few posts are fucking terrible. Just revisiting the same statement every five seconds and doing that for a thousand words.

Yeah but anyway I have a lot of shit to be grateful for and I think the whole point of doing anything is to tell someone else you did it so there you go. I’ll come back another day when I have something interesting to say. Nah, probably not. I’ll probably come back tomorrow and say some more boring shit about nothing.