Pointless Update No. 78

I had the day off and I didn’t want to fuck it up so I did a bunch of shit during the day. Now I’m all done. It’s cold as a bitch out there and I am inside with fingerless gloves on. Hell yeah I’ve been wanting these bitches for a while. Looking like some Oliver Twist type mother fucker out here. But this time for real, because I didn’t just cut the top off of some stretchy ones.

I’m not actually in the mood to just think more and more about myself right now, so that’s weird. I’ve been reading Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon because my new reading coordinator decided that’s what I’m going to be reading now. It is good. A lot of characters. So I am reading it slowly. I am halfway through now so this is about the point where I just dropped everything and read till the end when I was readingĀ Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World. Still don’t understand that title. But yeah I kind of want to just read the rest of the day away. I’ve got about two straight hours to chill now. But I am back on the writing a book thing. So I guess I’ll try to think of a book now.