Instant Gratification

I want a whiskey and ginger right now but instead I had some of the really old white wine lying in the fridge. It tastes like vinegar but whatever. Then I ate some corned beef and fried rice and a fried egg on top. That shit is banging. It’s something that GF’s mom makes and now we make it sometimes. Hoo damn it’s good.

My friend said that I am just looking for instant gratification and I won’t get that with creating art. That’s why it feels good to just accomplish little shit. Because you start it and three hours later look at all this shit you did! Yeah but writing something worthwhile takes time and no one can see it in the middle. That’s why I’m always thinking of writing a novel or some shit on a blog so people can be like wow look at your progress that’s awesome! every five minutes. That’s why I really like blogging. You just throw up whatever you’re feeling and bam someone likes it.

That’s why I like drinking, too. GF put on “Genie in a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera. That shit is hot I don’t care what anybody says.

But yeah I’m going to spend more time trying to create some fiction shit that takes a long time. Fuck it.