Good at Beginning

Man they are out the window now I had to turn on Spotify. Humanity is out there. The windows are open in October, which ain’t normal around here, that shit is giving me the creeps. People are out there singing songs and driving cars and shit. People are strange!

I have been listening to Matthew DeKay and Lee Burridge’s track, Fur die Liebe. I don’t know if it is really good or it just takes me back to the two All Day I Dream parties I went to this summer. I listen and fantasize that I am there and I am high. But I always remember that moment when I realized I took too much and I felt like a praying mantis on a crosswalk sign in downtown Manhattan.

Remember when Mitch Hedberg told that joke about drinking wine. Hey man, doesn’t wine give you a headache? Yeah but I’m not going to stop doing something because the end is bad. The beginning and the middle are amazing. That’s like if someone said, Hey Mitch, want an apple? I say, no, sooner or later, it’ll be…a core.

There are a lot of things like that. Maybe most things don’t end well. I guess just stop thinking about the ending.