Sometimes I Watch a Lot of TV

Last night I watched The Big Short for the first time. It’s on Netflix now. It was awesome! Schmidt from New Girl was there. He’s my favorite character on New Girl. I watched two seasons of that show with my wife. I watch shows sometimes.

My favorite character in The Big Short was Steve Carrell. He’s a great actor. I also liked him in Little Miss Sunshine. I want to watch that movie where he’s sleeping on a sandwich. I think that’s an old movie. I always wanted to watch that movie but my wife does not think it will be interesting. Something about the sandwich and the look on his face, I guess.

I am re-listening to High Violet by The National. It is probably my favorite album of theirs, even after listening to all of their other albums a hundred times each.

I wrote a lot of fiction so far this year. I might publish something later. I don’t know if I will try to publish it online or send it off to publishers and shit. I don’t know. Have you ever heard of Wattpad? Maybe I’ll put it on there.

How have you been? I guess I’ve been alright. Why not? I’m having a great year, really, even though it usually doesn’t feel like it. I’ve taken a lot of vacations, written a lot of fiction, applied to a few jobs, gotten a few callbacks (which is new territory for me), stayed at the same job for even longer (which is good for my resume, I think…I don’t know anymore), saved more money than ever (which isn’t a lot, I need a better money plan) and other shit like that.

I am thirty now, which seems like it happened a long time ago. I’ve got to figure out how to be good at 40 before that happens.

I watched Tony Robbins on Netflix. I read that he has a tumor that secretes human growth hormone. That makes a lot of sense to me. I wish there was a real documentary about his real life instead of just focusing on his seminars. What a crazy ass! I don’t really like him, I think, but I can’t help getting sucked into what he is saying. Alain de Botton says that his book Awaken the Giant Within is the most depressing thing he’s read in a while, which is funny because it’s supposed to be motivational. The book is supposed to be motivational that is.

I’m almost finished with Mad Men. I have two episodes left. Everything is unravelling for the hero. Well, it had to happen sometime. I guess it’s been happening the whole time.

My jawbone hurts.

Tonight we’re going to watch Agents of Shield. We are almost done with the third season. I watch a lot of TV when I write it out. I don’t watch as much as a lot of people. I watch more than Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I went to the beach for the fourth time this summer yesterday. I am really going hard this summer. I am going on another road trip next weekend. I just have to keep resisting putting anything on my credit card. Last year it said if I keep making minimum payments it will take me 18 years to pay it off. I made some really big payments over the year, but I also used it a couple of times, and then this year it says if I keep making minimum payments it will take me 17 years to pay off. Sweet.

The restaurant is really slow so I am not making much money at all. And I am going to the Tokyo and the Philippines in a couple of weeks.

I still haven’t bought Imajica so I haven’t made any progress there. But I did read the first eleven chapters of Ham on Rye on the beach. I still have a quarter of Moby Dick to go.

I don’t feel good today. Yesterday I drank a pitcher of margaritas, two beers, two shots, a whiskey and coke and the rest of a leftover bottle of sparkling wine. My brother was in town with his girlfriend. My brother and I drink for no reason sometimes. I was chasing the high and I hit it for a couple of hours. And then I lost it.

I just scratched my eye and now it itches like the devil. I have a scratching addiction. I wish I could stop.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. If you can’t join ’em, watch Agents of Shield on Netflix and scratch your balls. Those who can’t do, teach. Teach a man to fish and he’ll come back and murder you in your sleep. Sleep is the sister of death. Death is coming for us all. All’s well that ends well.