You Can Hear it with a Different Kind of Ear

Ain’t it funny when you discover that he wasn’t really where it’s at?

Ah shit, I’ve had too much to drink and it was so nice outside today, and this morning I posted about calories and got more views than I got in months, and almost beat my record, which isn’t so impressive really anyway, but fuck you for thinking that, you bastards.

But anyway, fuck the microverse, I’m going to eat fried chicken and lose the robots in the wake of a thousand dumb experiments, and conceal the whole thing in a grocery bag made for two.

Seriously, though, in the end we’re all just paper-mache that your little brother brought back in the Winnebago that he bought in Canada for a half penny and a smile and a proper donut, the kind with the several light speed dynamos that were illegal in that time of the month for ladies of your stature. And then, like Lot’s daughters, you realized the folly of your ways and sucked the dicks of angels, and tried for the life of you to get rid of your tuberculosis cough, and in the end you switched internet providers and called it a night. A cold, hapless night where the reindeer bayed at your front door and left you nasty messes, and ate the chains from your porch swing, and forever grounded your soul.

And then Tupac came to town and really felt what he was saying, and once in a while, well, the fort Breys windy what ankle trapezoids came through and swept the Oscars.

A Door

I had a dream about a door. It was locked so I broke through with my foot. Then I fell into a room that was populated by other doors, but they weren’t attached to walls. They advanced on me and I knew it was war. I broke one door. Than another and another. Finally one door opened to me. I knew it was a trap so I broke that door, too. I busted the frame and the whole room came down. The ceiling killed the other doors, everything turned to firewood. I laid down on the ground to avoid being crushed along with the doors. But their broken remains kept the ceiling far enough away from the floor to allow me to live in that space for as long as I could. And since I wasn’t hungry I guess I lived forever.