My Plant is Getting Weird

I’m just chilling up in the office after work. I got home and GF was already asleep even though it’s only 11:45 or so, but she has to wake up at five or something like that. Usually I get home and walk in the room and she wakes up and she wants me to come to be bed right away but tonight she was out.

So I poured some Puffins and ate that shit up and my stomach is churning and my hands are shaking and my eyes are blinking uncontrollably and I don’t really know what the fuck is wrong with me. I had two beers and a few glasses of wine on my break but I didn’t think it would fuck me up for the whole night. Maybe I drank too much milk.

But anyway, I’m just in here chilling, listening to some Sade to put me in the cool, and I turn and look at this plant that’s been chilling here in the office ever since we moved and holy fuck it’s growing. I mean that bitch has it’s arm sticking out all crazy like and weird white shit coming out of it all tendril like. Shit’s scary than a motherfucker.

And I was even going to write anything in this bitch. Yesterday was my first zero view day in a couple weeks and that shit got me depressed. Sometimes I get on these kicks where I check that shit every day, but it’s not really worth it to do that, but I just can’t stop myself. And so I was like fuck it I’m not going to write anything, but then that plant came out of the corner and I didn’t have anybody to tell it to, so fuck it.

when plants attack


Here’s a picture of it. It’s in a weird looking pot.