Anyone’s Ghost Two Point Motherfucking Oh, Bitches

Yo it’s blog update time in this bitch. Things are wildin’ out of control around here. I got 171 unique visitors to the blog this month, which beats my best month ever (February 2013), which only had 74! God damn! That’s some crazy shit! And it’s all because of the Daily Post I suspect. That and my shout out to Richard Feynman. Apparently a lot of people are looking for that motherfucker.

I’m about to change the theme of the blog, not thematically, but the WordPress theme I mean. I don’t get as many likes as I want and it’s either because a lot of people don’t like this shit (which is a-ok) or it’s because you have to open the post in it’s own page to even like or comment. So I’m going to try to get rid of that shit. It’s not ideal because I really like the way this theme looks, but I am writing a lot so things just keep getting pushed down and no one can read my old posts any more and there are some good ones. Ah most of them are a bunch of bullshit. So I thought about just making a new page with links to the three good ones but then I stopped thinking about that.

I might do that later.

I’m just curious how the theme change will affect the number of likes I get, etc. I don’t get a lot of follows from those Daily Post readers. Anybody who would take time to click on random blogs in Daily Post I guess they aren’t hard up for shit to read. What the fucking ever.