Three Trains

I was busy this morning writing and revising what I wrote. Writers have notebooks. I don’t have time to make sense of that. I’m on the subway to work. I barely was able to feed the cats and all of that. I was writing and writing. It snowed and I watched, like I was living in Boston again. I set up the kitchen stool next to the bed so I could use it like a desk.

I came down the stairs to the subway and the train was just leaving. Just missed it. Another one came quickly. I’m taking three trains today instead of one because it snowed, better to stay underground.

Switching trains now. Kids everywhere, school just let out I guess. Scarlet Johansson is in a new movie about women wearing tight clothes. I started using product in my hair and it itches. I don’t wash it.

I had a thought halfway through he tunnel to the next train, but I forgot it.

Today meditation told me to be balanced. That’s ok. Don’t let your mind run away unless you mean for it to do. What now?

No money because it snowed, and the old me would say no bridge and tunnel weirdos, too, but now I say…those people are okay. Who doesn’t like fettuccini alfredo anyways.

Can’t believe I lost that thought in the tunnel. It would have made this post. Something about switching. Got distracted by a kid’s backpack. The monopoly man was fleeing the bank in a jail outfit.

Hair itches. Big hat because it snowed. Nothing like that. Switching doors each stop so I can lean and type. Nothing like that.

I started typing out journals again. Journal entries. Just typing and typing sometimes. I had switched to hand writing. Now I switched back. Maybe the problem is switching. Too much switching in one life. I’ll never fill up a whole notebook with handwriting by the end of the year at the pace I’m going. I’d better switch to something faster. Some faster state of mind wherein I still hamdwrite shit for some reason.

Hit the square. Be kind. Don’t think. Don’t tune out tho.

Up the stairs stay close to the crowd but then a dude flies down right in front of you trying to catch the train you just left.

Been cold at home with the heat off, put on the big hat and go out in the snow, you’re warm for the first time all day.

Train pulls up you’re at the top of the stairs and you find yourself in the exact situation as that dude who almost ran you over earlier. Crowd is coming toward you, climbing the stairs, you got to fly down and let the chips fall where they may. Probably would have been clear if not for them people suddenly pausing in the aisle.

Almost to work and how did it happen.

Last night I ate too much chicken and I was sweating the whole shift. Tonight I’m wearing wool socks.