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  1. I dont know how to email you, but about that comment you made; I’m not sure I want my crappy rambling to be mentioned in an essay…I mean, it genuinely is stream of consciousness drivel, even the stuff that’s available for the public to read is trash (just imagine what balderdash and neuroticism the password protected world contains) and it’s certainly not one my finest literary attempts. I guess it wouldnt hurt to answer some questions if you like, but of course that depends on the questions, and also on how much fun you intend to poke at me in the essay…let me know :/

    • I’m just trying to write an essay about how people don’t think their writing is any good but they still want to write and they don’t know what to do about it and then they write a blog but they still are sure people won’t like it even when they do. But it’s not coming along very well and I don’t even know what questions to ask. I just thought it would be good if I interviewed some people.

      • Indeed I would agree that it is their prerogative. I really like your tag line. It’s kind of like giving you a free pass. A lot of other bloggers have that kind of thing, too, where they say something like, well you’re not reading anyway! And if you are and you don’t like it, go somewhere else! Or something like that. Yours isn’t as violent as some people’s. You just say don’t expect this to enrich your life. But some people are like already upset at people for not liking what they’ve written, and it’s before they even write it. I know how they feel because I’m the same way. I start to imagine that someone will see what I’ve written and say, well that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. And so sometimes I will try to beat them to the punch. When I started blogging I didn’t think I would care if people read it, because I knew it wasn’t my best work and wasn’t worth reading, but then I find myself checking my stats a lot. Do you ever check yours?

      • Hmm, I dont think I ever wrote something like ‘you’re not reading anyway’ thats public self-pity, I may write, ‘well no-one is reading anyway’…cos, lets face it, it’s probably true. I also don’t see the point in being violently rude to people who innocently stumble on your blog…its one thing to say, this may not be for you, but its quite another to say well if you don’t like it you can F-off. People don’t need a tag line to tell them that – they have a brain. People are upset that people don’t like their writing…I guess it depends on the purpose of the writing. I don’t see the need to be upset if no-one reads, comments or follows my nonsense, half of the reason I write this crap is to get it out of my head, it’s kind of therapeutic y’know? So that tagline of mine? well, its partly true, its NOT all for public consumption, hence the password protection, I have three levels 1. public, 2. close fiends, 3. just me. I’m not about going upsetting people, disclosing very personal information or jeopardizing my future becasue of something I wrote on wordpress, so this works well for me. About the stats…yeha it has been known for me to check them -The first time someone from a country not containing one of my close friends popped up I freaked out. The experiment of posting non-password protected posts has gone a little better than expected and I’m not quite sure what to do with that. Darn you paranoia! anyway it looks like your essay is written so these words may be unnecessary. blah.

      • Thanks for the detailed response. Well my essay kind of turned into something completely different than I first imagined it to be but this interview/conversation has been enlightening anyway. Sometimes I think everyone is the same as me and sometimes I think they are opposite of me, but really people are different then me.

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